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The Schluchsee

The former glacial lake was dammed 80 years before and became therefore the biggest dam of Germany. The Schluchsee is a leading nature experience and the watersport centrum of the Black Forest. The lovely nature arround the lake provides beautiful trekking and cycling tours.

Furthermore is the circular path arround the lake very popular to drive or walk arround it. There are many romantic spots on the way to relax at the lakeside.

Schluchsee is a paradise for hiker, fans of watersport, mountainbiker and of course nature gourmets. Arround the Schluchsee you will find the black forest mountains with its impressive woodlands of the black forest fir. For waterports is the clean Black Forest Lake a true Eldorado. Sailing, paddling, wind surfing and even diving - in Schluchsee you will find the best preconditions. Or do you want to get to know the lake on a boat trip? It is possible to encircle the lake and access or exit on five stops along the coast with the steamship 'St. Nikolaus'.
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Many lovely tourist attractions like the 'Löffinger Animal Park', the 'Rheinfall' (Germanys biggest river), the 'Island Mainau', the 'Triberger Waterfalls', the 'Vogts Farmstead', the 'Swimming Paradise' (indoor aquatic centre) or the 'Europapark' (huge amusement park) are perfectly suitable for a daytrip. With the 'Kurkarte' (tourist pass), our guests can use the busses and Trains in the 'Regiobereich' (region area) for free, that is a great opportunity to visit cities like Titisee, Freiburg, Basel or Straßburg.


Surrounded by fir forests and greenlands lies the beautiful valley of Fischbach. The charming mountain village is the basis for many exciting hiking trips. Considerable would be the new good quality hiking trail 'Schluchtensteig' (ravine steep path), that passes directly at the house up to the 'Bildstein' (name of the peak) that towers above the firs and spruces and is the highest viewpoint of Schluchsee. Up there you have a wide panorama view from the Feldberg (highest mountain in the black forest) to the deep blue lake Schluchsee. If you are lucky you can see the alps of switzerland from there. Just asesome! In a zigzag path you can walk down to the biggest Black Forest Lake. Good fun for everyone that has swimming stuff with them. From there you can go further to the idyllic positioned 'Krummenhof' on the other side of the lake to enjoy a properly 'Speckvesper' (local bacon snack) and a 'Weizenbier' (wheat beer), or go back on the viewfull lake path to the village of Schluchsee, where they offer plenty of gastronomic delectabilities.

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There are hiking possibilities from Fischbach in every orientation. To the North in the direction of Raitenbuch, an old village with many old Black Forest farms. Depending on the season you will pass lupines, thimbles, fireweed, different fernweeds and mosses. Purely Black Forest.

Eastbound you will dive threw different wood paths in deep forests, it smells spicy of fresh resin. Bilberry bushes and foundlings line up on the the way until you reach our neighbour village Lenzkirch with its friendly cafés and shops.

Another nice hike is the path over the 'Bild' (picture) to Hinterhäuser, where you have wide views over the Black Forest Valley. If you walk in the direction of Schluchsee you will find the 'Riesenbühlturm' on the way, a viewing tower which reveals dreamlike prospects of dales and the lake.